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Mercedes Truck Simulator Lux


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Mercedes Truck Simulator Lux - a well-developed car simulator with time management elements for android devices.

Detailed 3D graphics and the best trucks
A great simulator that will not only allow you to look at one of the most interesting professions from a completely different angle, but also allow you to start your own career as a truck driver. In Mercedes Truck Simulator Lux you can experience the best trucks of the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz and drive along the most beautiful roads of the breathtaking city of Rio de Janeiro! Each trip is a real challenge for you and your driving skills, where you can get invaluable experience and enjoy unforgettable car adventures.

Realistic and entertaining
Mercedes Truck Simulator Lux offers you to visit the most beautiful surroundings of Rio de Janeiro, and evaluate the best Mercedes-Benz trucks! You will find a large number of missions for the transportation of various goods, from the simplest to the incredibly difficult, in which you will conquer the most difficult routes. This simulator also boasts reliable elaboration of truck models and their realistic behavior on the road, high-quality and detailed 3D graphics, easy-to-use controls and a great atmosphere that will appeal to all car travel enthusiasts. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.