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Creation Magician [Magic x Cultivation RPG]

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▲▲▲A simple and easy-to-understand plot▲▲▲"Escape from this ■■""...Are you "how many times"?"In order to escape the time of reincarnation,you must defeat the boss (the demon king) who will run away in early April .▲▲▲ Combat Method-Magic Synthesis ▲▲▲-Bysynthesizing more than 100 kinds of magic, superimpose each other and issue the strongest attack.-Monsters have different attributes, use Xiangke magic to defeat them to obtain materials.▲▲▲RPG elements-character development ▲▲▲-Every30 seconds, you will gaintrainingpoints to strengthen yourself, and Mana can increase the amount obtained.-You can also get rewards offline and play easily.