Mutiny: Pirate Survival RPG Download

Mutiny: Pirate Survival RPG

Role Playing

  • System:4.4
  • Category:Role Playing
  • Size小:285MB
  • Latest:0.23.0
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  • Download:By 7313 Downloaded
  • Time:2022-02-15 18:54

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Left to survive as a pirate in the Caribbean! After a mutiny on your ship you find yourself at a lonely pirate island - with no food, no weapons, and just a couple of sailor-men by your side, who stayed loyal to you through the mutiny. Yet when you have nothing to lose the real freedom begins! Do you have what it takes to go through dangerous pirate games? The proof is in the doing.Step up to join a real survivor adventure! Mutiny is an epic RPG quest where you have to fight to survive cruel island games. Man up! Now you’re a pirate going through the odds of a real ocean survival - so get your stuff together and lead your small crew, turning this deadly survival into some drop-dead adventure!In this island adventure you have to fight your way through the wilderness and build your fort to protect your belongings and your lives. You have to become a fortunate pirate, and pretty darn soon, otherwise you’ll fail to go through this survival quest. Well, dead men tell no tales. And you want to tell your pirate story, don’t you, captain? Ahoy!