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Space RPG 4

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- A sprawling universe with over 250 star systems to explore (double the previous game!), and new phenomena to discover such as nebula and black holes!- You asked for it, Space RPG 4 delivers considerably more ships, weapons, and upgrades than Space RPG 3.- Beautiful space themed artwork.- Exciting space battle action! Fight pirates, aliens, and more, and now featuring better fleet ship-stance control.- THREE main campaign factions with their own stories, and a large variety of secret side missions, for extra replay-ability!- Even more ship customisation options with expanded subsystem choices to help you play the way you want.- Trading improved! You now trade with characters whose disposition matters, and you can haggle over price.- Exploration reworked with the fuel mechanic seen in the Escape Velocity series, providing a greater challenge.- Ships in your fleet now add their cargo space to yours, so you can still fly that warship... as long as you can protect your cargo ship escort.- Improved endgame conquering and colonisation features, set up trade routes between your colonies to help them grow!- Derelict ships you can board and attempt to bring back to life, or scrap for parts...- THE BAR! How did we ever get by without it - stop by at the spaceport and talk to characters to get advice, learn more about the world, or progress a current objective.