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Toy Army: Draw Defense


  • System:6.0+
  • Category:Music
  • Size小:63.00MB
  • Latest:1.2.4
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  • Download:By 2356 Downloaded
  • Time:2022-02-21 17:18

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Toy Army: Draw Defense - addictive casual strategy for android devices.

Fun casual strategy
A bright and addicting game for mobile platforms that will give you hours of fun and an exceptional experience in this genre. In Toy Army: Draw Defense, you have to play the role of a commander and only with the help of your strategic skills and creative thinking can you defeat the enemy. At the very beginning, you will have a small battalion of fighters at your disposal, defeat opponents and earn bonuses to improve the level of your wards and open access to various boosters.

Simple and addictive
In Toy Army: Draw Defense, dozens of exciting missions await you, as well as great and balanced gameplay that will give you a lot of pleasant impressions. Here you need to keep the defense of important objects, while on each mission you will have a different set of units with different abilities, use them wisely and then you will definitely not be equal. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.