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Idle Transformation - unusual and fun simulator for androiddevices.

Transformation into different creatures
In Idle Transformation you can take on the interesting and intriguing process of transforming a person into the most various creatures such as Yeti, Lizard, Alien, Mummy, Werewolf and other mystical and even terrifying creatures. The whole process of transformation will completely depend on you, so step by step you can change the limbs, body parts, face and follow the changes that have occurred, and also each action will bring you game currency.

Simple controls and interesting gameplay
As you progress through the game, it is important to accumulate game currency and other necessary resources to complete the transformation and completely transform a person into a creature. There are high-quality three-dimensional graphics, made in a modern design, simple and understandable game mechanics, comfortable control, as in the best Idle projects, the ability to turn a person into a wide variety of mystical creatures and a long duration of each stage. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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