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Zombie Defense 2


  • System:4.4+
  • Category:Music
  • Size小:74.00MB
  • Latest:0.8.0
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  • Time:2022-02-16 14:09

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Zombie Defense 2: Offline TD Games - dynamic and exciting arcade action with elements of the strategy game for android devices.

Dynamic gameplay
Quite addicting arcade action game that combines the gameplay moments of the RTS genres and the incredibly popular Tower Defense. In the long-awaited sequel to Zombie Defense, you have to once again fight an endless army of ferocious and bloodthirsty zombies. Your role is not only to give them a worthy rebuff, but also to reclaim the former territories! Can you show your best commanding qualities and give the enemy a fight?

Takes you in from the very first minutes
Thousands of brave soldiers by the will of fate have been turned into zombies and now it's up to you become the one who will destroy them! Zombie Defense 2: Offline TD Games will offer you as many as 45 breathtaking missions that will definitely not let you get bored, 5 different skills for characters with a large number of possible combinations, 10 unique units, as well as 18 types of enemies and an incredible variety of items that give you an edge before the enemy. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.