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[Installer] Sweet Empire


  • System:4.4+
  • Category:Music
  • Size小:78.00MB
  • Latest:1.1.5
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  • Download:By 2742 Downloaded
  • Time:2022-02-16 13:49

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My pastry empire - colorful economic simulator with RPG elements for android devices.

Running a small pastry shop
A young girl who just graduated from a culinary college and decided to make her the dream of your own cozy coffee shop come true. Now you have to help the girl to cope with all the difficulties and grow a small coffee shop to an incredibly famous establishment. As you progress through the game, an interesting story will unfold before your eyes, where the main character will have to cope with difficulties, make important decisions, learn how to handle finances correctly and improve her establishment.

Discovering new recipes
Gradually you will be able to discover more and more ingredients and amazing dessert recipes that will amaze with their exquisite the taste of each visitor. It is important to fulfill the whims of customers and try to give them an order as soon as possible, as well as accurately prepare their favorite sweet treats. Over time, you will be able to grow your first pastry shop and open a whole network of establishments around the world, conquering people from different countries and continents with your amazing desserts and warm atmosphere. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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