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World War II game (call of courage)


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  • Category:Action
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  • Time:2022-02-15 20:56

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World War 2 game (call of course) shows the best free offline gun shooting game in 2021. In these commando shooting games, you will perform the duties of the U.S. military commando in the greatest shooting FPS game war in history, and perform a very secret assassin shooting game mission, which will change the results of this offline FPS shooting game 2021 World War II game.In the survival World War II game, you are a secret American commando. You are accompanied by a trained front-line commando dog, which will help you successfully complete the classic shooting tasks of these adventure games. Commando mission game world failure; Everyone wants to win this war by destroying neighbouring countries and occupying their living space. WW2 FPS world war needs a miracle. Angry commando hunters want to overcome madness. Now you, as a special forces commando, will try to save the shooting FPS game world."Call of courage: World War II" is a first person shooting game full of action and dog fighting functions. You will experience the appearance of survival war in World War II and how these ultimate action game commandos give their lives to declare war and peace. Free online FPS strike shooting world. Unlike other pet dog game simulators, the U.S. Army German Shepherd is always with you to protect you. This WW2 game contains a story mode in which you must complete 30 different gun battles. Each adventure commando game task is very sensitive. You must complete each enemy shooting task before you can continue with the next assassin shooting game task.The difficulty of real army commando missions increases with each modern weapon strike mission, so please be careful and carefully read the horizon mission commando objectives of offline commando game missions. The free offline gun shooting game 2021 has advanced game functions, enough to provide the best adventure commando game user experience.Interesting free online FPS missions start with a simple FPS commando shooting mission. So prepare and train yourself to be a real patriot special forces commando. "Call of courage: World War II" is more exciting. You must remain invisible and work with your mission anti assassin colleagues. This is a military trained simulated dog waiting for you to attack the enemy's orders.Complete these offline commando mission games. In the FPS commando shooting game, our soldiers are fully trained and equipped with 15 different addictive action game weapons. These are commando shooting game weapons that appeared in World War II and were used during the war; It will provide you with a real world War II experience. Fight the enemy with the help of pet dog simulation.