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TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival


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  • Category:Action
  • Size小:511MB
  • Latest:1.4.02
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  • Time:2022-02-15 19:28

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Tegra: craft and survival shooter is a great first-person shooter with elements of a survival simulator for android devices. Huge open world Tegra: craft and shooter for survival - is not a clone of any game, but can be safely called an interesting and unique project that combines such popular genres as a survival simulator, walk-in adventure and first-person shooter. According to the plot of the game, several parallel measurements merged together and opened portals through which zombies and various monsters began to get into the game world. And now you have to play the role of the last hope of mankind, a brave hero who tirelessly seeks to close portals and end evil. Survival, craft and construction You have to survive in rather difficult and dangerous conditions, independently build a safe shelter, find resources, craft useful items and, of course, fight against dangerous monsters. It is important to get food and materials, create everything you need from them, learn crafts and equip the hero with powerful weapons. You are waiting for a variety of game scenarios, dangerous zombie mutants and monsters, the ability to interact with the environment and the chance to try out your survival skills.