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Armed Heist


  • System:5.0+
  • Category:Action
  • Size小:725MB
  • Latest:2.4.20
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  • Time:2022-02-15 17:56

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Armed Heistexcellent and dynamic third-person shooterfor androiddevices. Your task is to become the coolest gangster and the real king of crimes! Car theft and bank robbery have never been so fun and realistic. The gameplay is so exciting that you do not want to leave this incredible world of crime for a minute! Download for free on Android Armed Heistand try to go through more than 70 unique tasks with brilliance! Show your tactical talents, as well as logic and innovative thinking, to become the best. You have prepared a large arsenal of masks and weapons for your character, develop it and customize your equipment. Choose tasks to your taste, from simple opening of a small jewelry store to grandiose bank robbery. But remember, as you progress through the game, the complexity of the tasks will increase and you will have to show all your talents to win, as well as a generous reward. All actions of the game take place in a realistic 3D environment, where no robbery scenario repeats twice. Choose one of 30 unique weapons, pump it to perfection and cope with the most hardcore tasks!