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Zombie Shooter


  • System:4.4+
  • Category:Action
  • Size小:47.00MB
  • Latest:1.0.0
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  • Publisher:
  • Download:By 4226 Downloaded
  • Time:2022-02-16 10:51

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Dead Walk City: Zombie Shooting Game - mind-blowing action- first-person shooter for android devices.

Post Apocalypse
Great action for mobile devices that will cause you a real storm of emotions and become a difficult challenge for your shooting skills. In Dead Walk City: Zombie Shooting Game, you will go to a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by bloodthirsty, not knowing pity, mutated zombies and only you can stop their endless onslaught. Can you fight on equal terms with a horde of zombies? Check it out now!

Test your shooting skills
Dead Walk City: Zombie Shooting Game gives you an unforgettable experience gameplay experience, thanks to high-quality 3D graphics, HD sound, a large arsenal of weapons and incredibly dynamic gameplay. Hone your shooting skills, destroy huge zombie mutants, find a unique approach to each enemy and do not let yourself be defeated. Use the external environment to gain an advantage and be ready to meet the implacable bosses! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.