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Defense Heroes Premium: Defender War Tower Defense is a dynamic strategy gamein the tower defense genre for android devices.

Open world and unique heroes-defenders
An exciting adventure in an open, filled with danger, deadly monsters and zombies -mutants, is already waiting for you, are you ready to defend the territories? Here you have to carefully think over the line of defense, where exactly to place the towers and in what important positions to put the fighters. You can create a balanced army, consisting of unique heroes, whose characteristics can be pumped as you progress through the game and prevent the enemy from reaching your territories.

Protecting territories from zombies and deadly monsters
The number of opponents will grow relentlessly with each new level, which will give you have room for tactical maneuvers and the ability to pump your ability to think strategically. You will have 6 generals and more than 60 combat units at your disposal, each of which has unique abilities and is most effective in close combat or at long-range positions. Also, the heroes will delight with magical abilities, thanks to which some fighters will be able to heal their comrades in arms, others - to push monsters off a cliff or freeze enemies. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.