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The description of Peer'Em P2P - Messenger App
No cloud, no registration, the communication is implemented with proven open source peer-to-peer technology.

Peer'Em is a decentralized platform, none of your data will be stored on Peer'Em. You have full control over your data.* Peer'Em uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to transfer your data, which of course is end-to-end encrypted.

- Community, Messenger, Blogs, VoIP, Video calls, File-transfer
- Peer to Peer (P2P) connections with end-to-end encryption
- All communication is based on open source technologies.
- Peer'Em does not read out your phone contacts
- Write Blogs and let your friends share in your life
- You can safely chat with your friends, make phone calls or make video calls
- Possibility of time limited visibility of chats, pictures or videos
- Multiple Accounts - separate friend lists can be created
- See where in the world your friends are, if they allow it
- Desktop client available

*Your data is stored only on your own mobile device. If you share pictures, videos or private information, these data is also stored on the mobile device of your friends.

Please also read the FAQs.

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