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Mobile scanning code free download screenshot Info - strategic battle for territories - incredibly exciting strategy game for android devices. Territory Conquest An incredibly interesting real-time strategy game in which you have to capture all the enemy territories and even neutral ones. You will be provided with various locations that look like maps of existing countries and even entire continents. So, you have to think over the appropriate strategic maneuvers and make important tactical decisions, direct your combat units and seize territory under your control. Spectacular tactical battles will unfold on the screen of your Android device, are you ready to show off your strategic and logical abilities? Compete with cunning AI In, you will face off against a sophisticated and cunning AI that will not give you mercy. For victories, you can earn in-game currency, which you will need to purchase various improvements, such as reducing the replenishment time of combat units, earnings in offline mode, or increasing the number of soldiers. will become an exciting entertainment for all those who are crazy about tactical battles, the opportunity to try out various tactical techniques and get control over the entire globe.