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Would you sell your soul?


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Would you sell your soul ?: visual novels - fun visual novel with a non-trivial plot for Android devices. The ending of the story depends on your decisions An interesting interactive story that will delight you with a non-trivial plot, freedom of decision-making, well-developed characters of the characters, as well as an interesting visual design. In the center of events will be a girl who had an accident and died. After death, an unknown person appears in front of her, who calls himself the devil. It is he who offers the girl to become his assistant for a while and in return he will return the soul back to her body. An intriguing plot and interesting visual design Here you have to guide the main character in the role of the devil's helper, make decisions that are fateful for her life, and also choose lines in dialogues. Each of your actions will determine the outcome of the story and the way in which the plot will develop. Even one unremarkable choice can completely change the ending of a story. Also in this game you can change the name of the main character and choose stylish looks for her.

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