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Wild Castle: 3D Offline Strategy Defender TD - a strategy game in the genre tower defensefor android devices. Classic gameplay and a fabulous atmosphere A fantasy game for Tower Defense fans that incorporates the best qualities of this genre and ready to offer a ton of gameplay innovations. In Wild Castle: 3D Offline Strategy Defender TD, you were given an extremely important task - to lead the defense of the Castle of the Empire and to build a defense strategy with your own hands. Addictive from the first minutes The endless onslaught of monsters will attack the castle walls, you also need to build a defense and crush waves of enemies, competently and strategically using heroes and their abilities. In Wild Castle: 3D Offline Strategy Defender TD, you are waiting for more than 10,000 waves of monsters, 60 unique classes of heroes, 20 different treasures necessary to strengthen the defense, as well as the ability to extract resources needed to build the castle.