Ghost dormitory 猛鬼宿舍模拟器 Download

Ghost dormitory 猛鬼宿舍模拟器


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Lying flat Growth Simulator is a very hot tower defense mobile phone game recently. In the game, players will defeat these fierce ghosts through some props and strategies, and fight online happily with friends. It is very interesting to playThe light is going out ~ the light is going out ~ the fierce ghost dormitory tube broke into the dormitory building!"Bang, Bang... Bang, Bang..." - the fierce ghost angrily attacked the dormitory door.Hide in the bed quickly, build your facilities and defense line, and jointly resist the fierce ghosts!1. At the beginning of the game interface, there are many characters to choose. Choose a character you like to play against;2. Click the preparation option to start automatic matching. When matching, two roles of dreamer and dreamer will be automatically assigned;3. If the player is a dreamer, just find a room and sleep in bed, and then continuously improve your equipment.4. Finally, by upgrading their iron gates and all kinds of equipment, they can finally avoid the pursuit of dream hunters.