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Glory of Generals 3 - ww2 Strategy Game - historically accurate turn-based military strategyfor androiddevices. Over 100 legendary generals Together with Glory of Generals 3 - ww2 Strategy Game you will go to the most intense years of the Second World War and will be able to take a direct part in historical battles, taking under your leadership one of more than 100 famous generals. Here you have to direct your army, find out the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, use them as an advantage to turn the tide of the battle in your favor. And thanks to the innovations of the third part of the game, you can include special forces (more than 60 types) in your troops, as well as use the original reinforcement system. Changing weather conditions and more than 120 campaign levels Epic sea battles, air and ground confrontations are prepared for you , more than 120 scenarios of historically accurate battles, seasoned with changing weather conditions that have a direct impact on the course and complexity of battles. A flexible diplomatic system, wide scope for tactical maneuvers, an interesting historical campaign, challenging missions, a unique technological map of each country and more than 100 famous generals - all this awaits you in Glory of Generals 3 - ww2 Strategy Game.


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