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RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War


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RTS Siege Up! - Free offline strategy - addictive strategy game in real time for android devices. Building your own city RTS Siege Up! - Free offline strategy - an amazing project for mobile platforms, which has absorbed all the best from the genre of strategy games where the action takes place in real time. The medieval setting will add a special flavor to what is happening on the screen of your android device, and you can also try yourself in the role of a commander, ruler and leader. Ample opportunities for the development of your city will be available to you, the main thing is to correctly distribute resources. Variety of combat units The game features a wide selection of combat units such as archers, swordsmen, crossbowmen, spearmen, knights, ballistae, infantrymen and more. From time to time, you have to build new strategically important objects on the territory of your city, engage in the extraction of useful resources, and also tirelessly pump your combat power. Building a competent economy, protecting territories, the ability to direct your army and select victorious tactics for conducting battles - all this awaits you in RTS Siege Up! - Free offline strategy.