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US President Heli Limo Driver


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Join as security officer of US president as helicopter pilot and armored limousine driver with presidential escort games and president protocol police president protection. In this US President Heli Limo Driver and president simulator you will perform multiple high profile responsibilities to the American president escort helicopter from airforce in US president games. Play as marine one chopper pilot for the USA president in this helicopter transporter game and also a US president limo driver in president security games. You are designated to serve US president as his security department chief officer with president games security. President helicopter pilot and limousine driver will let you fly presidential aircraft from helicopter pad and fly helicopter high in sky as helicopter driver with president limo games with president protocol police.

In this presidential simulator game you will enjoy the president helicopter sim missions as chopper pilot. Take Mr. President in limousine automotive from white president house to the marine corps aircraft base where the airforce security troops are waiting for safe takeoff. Become guardian of presidential life. Transporting Mr. President to the air force military airbase in best of newest flying simulator for 2022 with presidential escort games. In president limo games, to prevent total redemption and mayhem you have to tell your helicopter parker to go to the capital and let your influence apply in helicopter parking game.

Let’s drive special equipped presidential limousine car in this president helicopter sim. Enjoy the new series in armored limousine parking games and helicopter pilot simulator 2022. Work with squad which is survival of president. So play as US president escort limo driver which is new driving simulator 2022. Bring the presidential state limo car to the secure premises in presidential helicopter game. Take President from white president house and drive presidential limo to the nearest flying air base where the presidential helicopter staff is waiting with president security troops and other squad.

- Fly royal presidential helicopter & drive armored president limousine car.
- Limousine parking & helicopter flying with helicopter parking missions.
- Perform duty as president security soldier & pilot driver.
- Beautiful 3D graphics of US president games.
- Be a president protection security driver.
- Best in president security games in president protocol game.