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The description of Forex Trading Strategies App
This app will teach you how to trade using forex indicators, chart patterns, price action, how to read the confluence of indicators, and more. It includes entry and exit strategies, indicator settings, timeframes, pro tips, images, and actual examples.

✔ Divergence trading
✔ Fibonacci retracement
✔ Trendlines
✔ Moving Averages
✔ Candlestick patterns
✔ Support and resistance
✔ Price actions and more

The app includes examples from real forex charts in various timeframes. It includes pro tips which are ways to increase the accuracy of the strategy.

Disclaimer: Forex trading is risky. You can lose your capital. This app is for educational purposes only and not investment advice.

The concepts discussed here can be used in other financial markets like trading the stock market, commodities, and futures. The focus of the app is technical analysis. Download today, FREE!