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Main page
● Use one of six different lists to display the birds. For example, you can choose to sort the birds in an alphabetical or systematic order.
● Use one of two different lists to display downloaded recordings.
● Select to display the bird names in one of 27 different languages. Most of the lists also show the species names in an alternative selectable language.
● Search for a bird by entering a part of the species name.
● Download web pages and make them available offline.
● Display only birds that breed and/or winter in a certain region.

● Identify a bird by entering key values, like length and plumage colors, and let the application sort the species with the most likely ones first.

● View the facts tab with basic data, photographs, descriptions, illustrations, distribution and up to date systematics.
● View high resolution photographs and illustrations in full screen.
● Select to display web pages with additional ornithological information in one of twelve different languages.
● Connect to Xeno-Canto, a great library of sound recordings, and listen to bird song, alarm- and contact calls.
● Download recordings and make them available offline.
● Easily move from one species to another by dragging (swiping) your finger horizontally across the screen.

● Continuously updated with the latest taxonomy according to the bird list from the international ornithological committee.

This is the free version and it is limited to 100 of the most common species. The full version, Bird Guide Europe, contains 442 different species.