Demonrift TD - Tower Defense RPG Strategy Game Download

Demonrift TD - Tower Defense RPG Strategy Game


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When RPG and Tower Defense mixed in one single gameDefend the kingdom of Emaeron from monsters and demons!In Demonrift TD you are taking the role as Baroness Milena, commander of the empire troops. Battle against the mysterious surge of demon hordes throughout the empire's vast cities.Experience this unique mix betweenTower DefenseandRPGstrategy game. Unlike common tower defense games, the troops gain experience and become stronger as their level grows. Equip your troops and strategically build your towers around the most important spots in the map to defend from incoming hordes.Timing and strategy are key factors in winning battles in Demonrift TD. Level Up and Upgrade your Hero and troops' equipment before going into battle against the demons, and submerge into this epic fantasy battle!

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